My storytelling is rusty! My cellphone pix is not.

3-2-14 - Tricia MacKenzie Brain Rabies - The First Bite
Last night marked the beginning of Tricia MacKenzie's week-long experiment on me with the use of short influencial visuals and text; she will be mapping the stimuli's impact on my mobile uploads and writing, culminating in a performance for Science Night at the Silent Barn.

Because the videos and texts provided by Tricia are her creative property, her brain science sex majik, I will not share them. Instead, I will be writing short abstract pieces and then posting a compilation of my day's Instagrams, tweets, and status updates. Sadly I do not participate in any of the Erotic Adventure social mediums so we will not be able to track how it impacts derisory flirtation.

As an adult who wrestles with artistic discipline, I was attracted to the challenge of commitment because the reward of maintaining a routine offered the potential to be altered, or at least to be gifted a new visual and/or literal vocabulary.

My dist-
Ractions include:
Rubbing in my my-
Opic discharge
And being
Corrected by whom-
Ever groundless-
Ly distrusts
Cuddling MY PHONE
Fearing its
Death, sitting
In baskin robbins
With lyrics by demi
Lovato til the phone
Resuscitates, muttering
Emotionally obscene
Trifles such as
"You are dead, Alaina
For the rest of tonight
You are dead," after
Posting a dumb comment;
In conjunction
With all other

Below are the photos I've taken since I started the program:

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9-6-13 - Back to the Apple
Yesterday after "work"...

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